Chuck and vanessa still dating

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Chuck and vanessa still dating

Georgina then proceeds to blackmail Serena with the video threatening to reveal all the dark secrets from her past.

Serena has a break down and eventually confesses to Blair, Nate and Chuck.

Georgina has becomes close friends with Dan and Vanessa since the start of the series and despite their misgivings for her.

She has shown small signs of remorse and concern when she tried to apologize to Serena for accidentally outing Eric van der Woodsen and when she convinced Dan to let her and her son Milo Humphrey stay with her parents so that she can be a better parent.

Despite Chuck’s assurance, Georgina arrives in Manhattan and surprises Serena with a visit to Constance.

Serena's plans to study with Dan Humphrey for the SATs are cut short when Georgina persuades her to go out and have drinks to catch up on each other.

Georgina packs her bags to leave Manhattan until Serena confronts her, seeking to end their friendship, having realized that she makes too many mistakes when she's around her.

Georgina recounts an incident which Serna quickly dismisses before its revealed.

Impressed, Serena meets Georgina for dinner, who compliments her on how much she's changed.

Serena reluctantly accepts but slips back into her party girl behavior after a few cocktails.

Serena reverts back to her good girl persona however when she answers a call meant for Georgina that reveals she is still in contact with drug dealers and leaves, realizing that Georgina hasn't changed and that she missed her study date with Dan, which she covers up with food poisoning.

Tim Stack of Entertainment Weekly reported that Michelle Trachtenberg took on the role that actress Mischa Barton had been previously offered.

The Buffy alumna was cast into the role of Georgina Sparks, described by Michael Ausiello as "an adolescent Cruella".

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Georgina Sparks is a character in the Gossip Girl TV series.