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Jume.2018, 10.50PM) While the present government is comprised of the UNF in a majority and a minority SLFP , the president Gamarala has hatched a plot to oust the present IGP Poojitha Jayasundara and replace him with S. But now he is better known as one who blabbers , suffering from acquired attention deficiency syndrome and forgetful Read more By a former Intelligence officer of the forces (Lanka e News -03. On another occasion , the ancestral abode- Medamulana house had to be leased out.June.2018, 11.45PM) In order to pay the debts incurred owing to 1965 elections the name of late D. As Medamulana house could not be Read more (Lanka-e-News – 02.May.2018, 7.55AM) In Sri Lanka Generals with stars write books on war for competition reasons.

June.2018, 11.00PM) British authorities are silent on a damning news report about a top-level meeting with the Sri Lanka president on punitive action against an exiled journalist living in the UK , says the article published.. June.2018, 7.00AM) As a first move of the most cruel conspiracy of president Gamarala which aims at launching a TV channel for Chathurika after sinking the Rupavahini internal training division alias ‘SL mass media training Institution’ Read more (Lanka e News -20.

June.2018, 11.00PM) The draft of the all important 20 th amendment to the constitution that was presented to the speaker by the JVP for the abolition of the executive presidency is being published herein in the public interest .

The Read more Exposure by a former Intelligence officer of the forces (Lanka-e-News -29.

June.2018, 6.00AM) When an individual is unable to make ends meet – that is, unable to cut the coat according to the cloth or his income match the expenditure ,the latest fad is borrowing.

It is a well known fact , a number of conditi Read more (Lank e News – 24.

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Again on the 17 th the Sunday Times confirming its earl Read more (Lanka e News – 16.

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