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Furthermore, the seal is exceptionally large compared to the seals commonly possessed by ordinary citizens.With regard to the name, Korpel demonstrates through comparison with similar seals that the upper edge of the seal must have carried two broken-off letters that point to Jezebel as owner and lead to a correct spelling of Jezebel’s name (in mirror image).It is important, as well, to obtain multiple samples at different places on an object and then use statistical methods determine a reasonable range of ages.Yet, even with ideal conditions, carbon-dating results can be highly erroneous or unexpected.Korpel reached this conclusion after more careful investigation of the symbols that appear on the seal.

One example was the story of how snails were carbon dated and the results showed they were 27,000 years old. Recognition of the existence of such extreme deficiencies is necessary so that erroneous ages are not attributed to freshwater biogenic carbonates.

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It turns out that a scientist had carbon dated living snails and didn't get those results. To hold this example up as a reason to distrust carbon dating is completely bogus. Don't anomalies in carbon dating sometimes occur?

But to suggest that there might be reasons, yet unknown, for being wary of tests on certain organic material was quite reasonable.

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