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Our friendship started off very innocently - I enjoyed role playing original characters and he was interested in that as well. I passed him, so close I could have reached out and grabbed his arm ..

Eventually, it progressed to talking regularly "out of character" and becoming friends.

The one below was definitely the worst, mostly because (now I realize) I was being groomed to slowly cave to his requests, or he would get annoyed and guilt-trip me, and/or try other methods of manipulation. He had his mom drive a half hour to get him there ..

Anyway, I was a prime target for older guys when I was young.

I can't remember when, but I remember at one point thinking it would suck if I never made it to 18 years old because of the world ending.

I was very active on livejournal at this time (2002) so while I have very little proof in terms of pictures or chat logs (having deleted them all when I finally realized how predatory this guy was), I do have really old livejournal entries that describe the relationship we had and how anxious he made me, despite the fact that we talked / role played pretty regularly. So, at some point between December 3rd and December 14th, I had caved to his relentless pestering and agreed to meet him at a movie theater I frequented with my family.

This was mostly because he knew the apartment complex where I lived, but not my apartment number, and had threatened to stand outside the apartment gates and wait for me to get home from school. Now my mind is racing and I'm feeling sooo guilty.

In this particular story, I was 14, lonely (I had only 2 friends, Anna and Cherish), had little to no self-esteem (slightly chubby kid), was unhappy in general, and was very flattered when older guys found me interesting enough to talk to me for months at a time, sometimes longer.

The main villain of this story was in his late 20s and had known me online for about a year, possibly more.

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