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Alanis morisette dating

She wasn’t going to go down easy and ended up biting an officers finger so hard she broke one of his bones! After a tough round of questions, the match ended in a 3-3 tie. The Rugrats are returning to TV with 26 new episodes and a live-action film in 2020. Today’s Kill a Half Hour question focuses on our use of sick days.

All ties go to Jen, so Jen’s record improved to 132-15. 5% of women say they have used a sick day for this reason. Clues: SCISSORS and OOPS Answer: a bad haircut Congrats to Jess, who’s never had a bad haircut but got the right answer today! Today’s Lack of Intelligence report took place in Virginia when a dude crashed a 0,000 Mc Laren just one day after buying it!

These are the stories submitted you, telling us about the good deeds being done by good people in your community.” We are so pleased to name Lydia Mahoney as this week’s Koz and Jen’s Everyday Hero!If you’re indoors soaking in the cool temps of air conditioning, don’t complain. It was the longest ever semi-final match (2nd longest match ever) between Kevin Anderson and John Isner – over 6 hours long!Louis Tomlinson is the newest judge on UK’s X Factor.Louis got is start on X Factor in 2010 as a member of what band? The Maxed out Saved By the Bell Complete DVD Collection will be released in October. Prior to his death last month, ‘Old Man’ Richard Harrison from ‘Pawn Stars’ cut his son Christopher out of his will. ONE DIRECTION *BAYSIDE ABC *BASEBALL GOLD & SILVER PAWN SHOP * INDICATES FREE ANSWER GIVEN AT ON THE CHEAT SHEET WITH LISA ALLEN Thanks for listening again today!

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Oprah says she Googled herself for the first time and was impressed with she’s achieved. Adam and Andy are alumni of what NBC weekend comedy show? Katherine Heigl is joining ‘Suits’ as lawyer Samantha Wheeler. Keanu Reeves says he would love to do a new ‘Bill & Ted’ movie and that it would “be most excellent”. WINFREY SNL GREY’S ANATOMY *DISCOVERY *TED *INDICATES FREE ANSWER GIVEN ON THE CHEAT SHEET WITH LISA ALLEN Thanks for listening today!

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  1. E.g."I'm going to blow out my brother's birthday party and go to that new club night instead." Verb. E.g."I'm just gonna bob down to the corner shop for some fags, do you want anything?