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Aids dating meeting

Philanthropic Funding for HIV/AIDS Reached Highest Level to Date in 2016 according to New Funders Concerned About AIDS' Report.Despite a third straight year of increases, there is cause for caution.Only in this way can we safeguard and develop what is noblest and best in human nature.One of the most pressing needs for those who have HIV/AIDS in our rural communities is accommodation because once a person is diagnosed as HIV positive they face the pressure either from those they live with or landlords to move out.Even with the merciful discovery of a cure right now should not be hailed as heralding an automatic return to ways of behaving and moral attitudes dramatically. At the rural level, everybody (traditional rulers, churches, mosques, schools, farmers etc) have some roles to play which must be unyielding in principle and compassionate in practice [2,3].

This same may be true in human relationship after the outbreak of human immune deficiency virus (HIV) and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).Plans that have been discussed in the previous meetings now have to be put into action.The goal of the meeting is to learn from each other, facilitate cooperation and develop concrete plans to submit for the conference.At this juncture, we desperately need the knowledge, skills and inventiveness of scientist, doctors and other health personnel.Now, we have to learn how to live and love in a more genuinely way. This has challenge our moral integrity, our educational systems, our care to the sick and the dying and our expectations at the community level because hardly a day goes by on our nation without a mention of HIV/AIDS in the national dailies and the government spending millions of naira (dollars) on advertising and information campaign.

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We come to terms with radical change only with the greatest reluctance and often too late.

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