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Seventy-five Mexican American and White male and female adolescents were asked in focus groups to offer advice to other adolescents pertaining to dating relationships.

Across ethnicities and sexes, “Stay on your feet” was the most prominent advice given, followed by advice to “Know when it's right”.

►Other prominent advice was to choose wisely when and whom to date.

Negative words unspoken can prevent a lot of unnecessary damage.

If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend because you depend on them, that’s not going to end well. But rushing into commitment, or anything else in a relationship, doesn’t often do much good.

I know people who feel the “need to belong to someone.” It’s a dangerous mentality and it’s a road that only ever leads to heartbreak or unhealthy attachment. If you can see yourself with the other person far into the future, that’s a great sign.

Hopefully the date goes well and you schedule another one. We make mistakes and choices that create unhealthy relationships.

A healthy teen relationship goes far beyond initial attraction and the “spark” in the beginning. It requires two well rounded people coming together and making choices that create a strong relationship.

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What are some things teens can do to have healthier relationships?

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