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Adult chat room fort collins

Linda On a serious side, speaking as a birthmother, IF I was promised confidentiality which I certainly don't remember, I most certainly was never given any paperwork stating that or any paperwork period.Can you give ANY other legal case where you don't need something in writing to stand up in court?Anyway, we (at least I) were made to understand that we could not contact the adoptive parents and that their identity was a secret to keep us from hounding them and finding the child.

The only reason I even know about aparents having paperwork prior to discovering adoption on the internet some years ago is due to the fact that I have quite a few relatives who are aparents including my brother who was an aparent even back then.I, for one, had the impression (don't remember if I was told or what) that upon my child/children reaching the age of majority would be given my information IF they wanted it..In being a volunteer searcher now, I find that on the most part birthmothers who are found thought the same thing and felt they had no right to search and were "waiting to be found".I would be interested to know how the ACLU feels about this side of the situation.Have the rights of birthmothers truly been considered by anyone?

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Then before" a month is up come back and I will rip the papers up and you can take your son and live with him elsewhere." I came back the next day and she said, "It's to late, he has been adopted." I remember her lie so well. All the lies, I was so young and stupid to believe in them.