Accommodating exceptionally able students

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Accommodating exceptionally able students

13), these students must be supported so that they too have an opportunity to reach their mathematical potential.

All too often, the regular curriculum is insufficient in depth, breadth, and pace to meet the needs of the gifted child (Wolfle, 1986).

This article discusses the identification of the characteristics of the gifted math student, how school districts comply with the child’s needs, and how teachers can learn the importance of differentiation of instruction. Johnson began her 3rd-grade math class by reading aloud a thinking puzzle: Charlie, the dog, was tied to a 2-meter rope. Nathan’s hand flew into the air just microseconds after his teacher finished posing the question.

The Critical Role of Assessment According to the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM, 2000, p.

A more linear approach to mathematics is often a better match for gifted children instead of the spiral curricula often found in textbook series and followed by classroom teachers.

For example, when the topic of decimals is introduced, children with mathematical talent can be allowed to delve much further into the topic, learning practical applications for decimals and the connections between decimals and other mathematical topics.

Challenges for School Districts Misunderstandings regarding the nature of giftedness and talent abound, and busy teachers and administrators are sometimes at a loss to know how to nurture and challenge children whose abilities belie their age-based grade-level placement. Deciding to differentiate instruction in middle school: One school’s journey.

However, according to the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, 2000, p.

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Recent studies indicate that few instructional adaptations are made to accommodate these young learners’ needs (Archambault, Westberg, Brown, Hallmark, Emmons, & Zhang, 1993).

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