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1 3 2 shape shifter mod usable buggy updating further

I'd like to write a dedicated post explaining the design decisions behind this one, but first I need to finish all the related features, which has turned into a multi-week venture.

Yesterday for FAQ Friday I also showed some images related to a new map type I'm working on.

I like the change because it fixes the common "is this guy an enemy?? Finally, I created a transformation animation, since swapping between types is going to be very important in this release! Throw ability Dash ability Transformation Demon Current PC, Mac, and Linux builds (new as of 10/8): Download Devblog: demon.Work is progressing well, but is currently split between two fronts: First, the negotiation upgrades. :) But yeah, it's been in progress for about two months now. When I was part-time, I tended to shy away from projects I anticipated would take me more than 3-4 weeks (on a part-time schedule), especially if they were UI related and I knew they'd go slowly and be hard to force myself to work on after coming home from doing pretty much the same thing at work. The ARRP build, while awesome and I'm glad I did it, I should have probably passed on.

The UI pass on this is done: you can now see your current progress towards success, you get messaging that helps you understand the results of the responses you've given, and best of all, you can now use the mouse to select negotiation options. : P It has actually been in the works for a couple of months now, but it has gotten to the part where it will require a fair bit more of my time now. Don't get me wrong: a lot of great stuff got in, and I feel it was great progress for Demon.

I've worked to highlight the active command keys, re-organized some of the menus, and will continue similar work in the near future.

Beta 1.4 is going to add a few more of these types of improvements, as well as one important new ability for enemy armoured cars.

The original doesn't hold a candle to the current game, but is still a decent 7DRL--a ton of people have played it over the years, which is when I realized it could be an even more popular game if fleshed out and further polished.

Certain quest-giving characters will certainly die. I'm thinking of the chief in Isen Dun, the exile, and so on.... From the beginning, I've always wanted to be able to model time passing reasonably well.

I think I'll add something to my notes to add a victory condition for these things. Does the age mechanic serve any specific purpose in the design? So I added in-game time, then started tracking it, then started tracking seasons (things look different in game depending on what season it currently is).

:) You can see these (sort of) illustrated in the screenshots here: Approval Display Result Messaging The Blue Highlight Means The Mouse Is Hovering Next up on this front: implementing the various new demand types I talked about in last week's post. It Demon related, and directly to the game itself, not something auxiliary like a website or anything. But, I pushed myself pretty hard that week and a half or so, and definitely felt a bit of burnout the following week.

Only reason I'm mentioning at all when I don't want to reveal it yet is because working on it is going to make the "visible" parts of my updates rather light until it's public. I know burnout is a thing, even when working on your own game...

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